Let’s face it – we’ve all been there! Something has broken and we don’t know how to fix it. So, who are you going to call? A handyman of course!!

Handymen are an integral part of our lives and popular culture, and for good reason. Handymen are people who have multiple skills in a variety of repair needs. The repairs could range from trade skills, repair work, or maintenance in both the interior and exterior of your home or office. These tasks are often referred to as “odd jobs” and are the bread and butter of handymen.

We found some examples of handymen in popular culture that we thought were entertaining.

The song Handy Man was recorded by:
Conway Twitty in 1960
Elvis Presley in 1964
Del Shannon in 1964
James Taylor in 1977

The Handyman by Carolyn See is about an aspiring artist working as a handyman and his encounters with the people he works for.

Canada’s Worst Handyman – Contestants try to do their best on jobs so as not to be call the worst handyman.
Home Improvement – Tim Allen starred in this popular TV show from 1991 to 1999.
• Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – Handyman Negri is a resident of the popular childrens show’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
Handy Manny airs on Disney Junior and stars a handyman cartoon character.
• Handy Smurf appears in the Belgian comic series The Smurfs.
Happy Tree Friends, also a children’s show, has an orange beaver handyman named Handy.

The Handyman was released in 1980 in French. It’s about a carpenter-plumber who is very handy but too honest and trusting.
The Ups and Downs of a Handyman appeared in 1975.

The next time, your gutter needs cleaning or your plumbing is out of whack, call a handyman – your heroes may whistle while they work!